16 Mar

Labor Medical Certificates and Entrance/Periodic Exams

Features of a quality occupational health strategy include a clear strategy for accountability and action and a plan for collaboration across your organization, from employee to employee, and unit to unit.

A large part of adding value to your employees comes from their engagement within the company. The culture that one person creates has the power to influence the overall culture of the company. If you sense something is harmful, the only logical option is to identify where and who it starts, and address it at the root cause. This is what the Federal Labor Law in Mexico is for (more Mexico-specific information at FMRPPV Medical), and hence the requirements for employees to provide a profile of their overall health.

Mobile medical units can work with your business to perform a needs assessment and help your business set up a health system, and a drug-free policy.

The specific systems needed to achieve and maintain workplace health are different for everyone. However, across all Mexican businesses, one consistency is this: As the business, you have the responsibility to help deliver a health surveillance system from within the workplace.

Employees subject to federal testing procedures will submit to federal post-accident testing as required by current Mexican Standards.

A custom employer drug testing policy can address specific challenges facing your business in a more cost-effective way.

Both the medical assessment coordination and the actual medical assessment is a cost to the workplace, hence the need to outsource medical assessments to someone who is a specialist, rather than hire someone in-house.

As Effective Reliable Occupational Medical Exams - Latin 3Way Conversations outlines, the occupational and environmental exposure history is the most important tool that clinicians have when evaluating a worker for a work-related injury or illness.

These certified occupational health professionals take the time to listen to your health concerns and provide you with personalized support and focused attention that may not be available during regular doctor visits.

The results and recommendation of medical certificates help you and your employees make an informed decision about next steps. The availability of the records of family health can help practitioners in the medical field have an easier time to identify the condition of an individual.

If an illness is found later on, the doctor will follow up on the illness of the employee to determine if the illness is job related. It is a requirement in Mexico for employees to undergo periodic exams to determine their continuing health status, and identify unseen hazards.

All test results shall be certified as accurate by the responsible person at the laboratory. The medical service and laboratory has a proven track record of accurate, reliable results for its clients. 

Mobile units are available 24/7, with all the up-to-date and fully calibrated equipment necessary to provide reliable results. To reach out to the service at Tipos de examenes medicos que realizan las empresas - YouTube today, you will be able to find their main phone number on their website. A person from their team will be there to help you in applying quality, effective and business-centric medical service to your company.

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